A journey about social entrepreneurship - for international exchange and networking

Project partners

FemNet, Oxie, Sweden 

Ergani Center, Thessaloniki, Greece www.ergani.gr
Contact: Popi Sourmaidou popi@ergani.gr
Anna Trichopoulou trichopoulou.anna@gmail.com  

Winnet Armenia, Armenia www.winnetarmenia.org
Contact: Ruzanna Torozyan, Winnet Armenia winnetarmenia@gmail.com
Anna Aleksanyan, Goris Women´s Development Resource Center Foundation goriswomen@gmail.com
Kristina Saghatelyan, Kapan Women´s Resource Center NGO kapan.wrc@gmail.com

Upcycling Atelier, Rostock, Germany Facebook @upcyclingatelier
Contact: Marina Leyerer marina.leyerer@gmail.com
Christiane Bannuscher, Success Teams, cwbannuscher@t-online.de

Rag2Rug, Vetlanda Sweden www.rag2rug.se
Contact: Gunilla Hjelm gunilla.hjelm@rag2rug.se

NGO ETNA in Estonia, Microcredits Estonia 
Contact: Sirje Vällmann sirje.vallmann@gmail.com

Winnet Sweden
Contact: Britt-Marie Söderberg Torstensson britt-marie.torstensson@winnetsverige.se


In the project A journey about social entrepreneurship - for international exchange and networking we offer an international meeting place for women about gender equality, sustainability, empowerment and social inclusion. We high light good examples and role models of the work of social enterprises that are working with recycling, textile and handicraft. The meeting place will contribute to exchange of experience, development of new ideas, establish contacts and build a network for the participants from all countries.

Information and documents in English are found below.


  • Rag2Rug, Vetlanda, Sweden
  • Upcycling Atelier, Rostock, Germany
  • Ergani Center, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Winnet Armenia, Armenia

Metods to support the work in social enterprises

  • Success Teams, Germany
  • Micro credits, Group mentorship, Estonia

The Success Teams method

A handbook for starting and running Success Teams